MultiPlasma 1.6
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Article "Simulation of a fusion reactor using an electrons cloud confined in a magnetic bottle" Rév. A
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Article "Conclusion about the possibility of fusion by frontal collision in a linear device" Rev. 3
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Simulation of an electrostatic confinement fusion nuclear reactor with Multiplasma
Rev. B


To design your own nuclear fusion reactor. 
It is addressed to people interested by nuclear fusion, having a good general culture in physics (and who are patient because simulations can be long).

It is set aside the fact that your project is physically achievable or not.


This design will be just for the « fun » or from curiosity, because even if the calculations done by Multiplasma are as serious as possible, in the limit of the knowledge of the author (who is not a nuclear physicist but a generalist engineer), of course, nobody is going to build your nuclear reactor...

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Article "Proposal of a new type of electrostatic confinement reactor able to produce nuclear fusions with a yield superior to 1"
Rev. B

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Article "Proposal of an electrostatic confinement reactor able to produce nuclear aneutronic fusions with a yield superior to 1"
Rev. A

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MultiPlasma 1.6

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This contains the latest version of MultiPlasma.

Modification from V. 1.5 to V.1.6: aneutronic fusion H+ <-> B11+ added.

How to download and instal Multiplasma


The author does not answer to technical questions (no individual answer to technical questions about Multiplasma or the fusion) and does not take into account any proposals of improvement or addition (because no new version is expected at the moment).
The program is to be used, as it is.

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