CLOCK V. 1.11.11 of F6CTE


Limited functions (subject to a paying user key) are written in a blue font.

This software allows:

to decode the time frame transmitted by FLE (ex FRANCE-INTER), DCF 77, MSF, BBC, WWVB, WWV/WWVH (in AM or in SSB), CHU, RAI or JJY and received under acoustic form from a long wave SSB receiver (with an AM receiver for WWV/WWVH, RAI or CHU), in date and time,

to decode the time frame transmitted by GPS (Global Positioning System) or by Internet (RFC868 server),

 TCP/IP link (RX only) with Multidem or Gui_Serv_Multipsk (Clock and Multidem or Gui_Serv_Multipsk being in the same PC or in distant QRA),

 Possibility to translate this program in any language.

to synchronize the local (current) time and universal (UTC) time of the PC with the received time. After synchronization, the PC (system) clock will have an accuracy of about 1 second with the real time,

to begin an action (start up of a software, toggle of serial port pins or bell) at a user determined time, as a digital alarm-clock,

to translate the labels and hints of the program in any language.

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This page has been written the 5th of September 2021.