The "user key" (utilization licence) for the non-limited version may be obtained by e-mails and only by this way (no postal sending). The price is 30 Euros or 40 US$ (conditions for 2021).

There is no online help, no guarantee and the user key is not re-sent.

For a user key, I need your first name, family name, callsign (if you have one), and the home adress of the user (natural, not legal person). If you are interested, please send these pieces of information via e-mail (my email).

A first exchange of e-mail is necessary, first to get the complete conditions and, also, to be sure that I will be able to send to you the user key. If you have no answer to your e-mail, try from another e-mail address.

On receipt of payment, the user key (as a "USER.COD" file) will be sent to you as an attached file in an email. This file will be recognized by Multipsk and Clock which will then enable all functions.

The accepted payments are the following:

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This page has been written the 31th of December 2020.