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25th of August 2022
Article "Proposal of a solar thermal power plant at low temperature using solar thermal collectors" Rev. B (published in the journal "Energy and Power Engineering":

Abstract: to this day, only two types of solar power plants have been proposed and built: high temperature thermal solar one and photovoltaic one. It is here proposed a new type of solar thermal plant using glass-top flat surface solar collectors, so working at low temperature (i.e. below 100 C). This power plant is aimed for warm countries, i.e. the ones mainly located between -40 and 40 of latitude, having available space along their coast. This land based plant, to install on the seashore, is technologically similar to the one used for OTEC (Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion). This plant, apart to supply electricity with a much better thermodynamic efficiency than OTEC plants, has the main advantage to provide desalinated water for drinking and irrigation. This plant is designed to generate electricity (and desalinated water) night and day and all year round, thanks to a hot water storage, with just a variation of the power delivered depending on the season.

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28th of December 2021
Article "Proposal relative to an aeraulic thermosiphon able to generate electricity using the difference of temperatures between the ambient air and the surface sea water" Rev. B

Abstract: in this article, it is envisaged different possibilities to generate electric energy from the difference of temperatures between the ambient atmospheric air and the surface sea water, which is a renewable source of energy. Finally, it is proposed a machine based on an aeraulic thermosiphon, installed between the seashore and a high relief (300 m at least). This electric generation would be done without insoluble constraints on the refrigerant. Unfortunately, the cost of such machine is not competitive compared to a wind turbine, which prevents any commercial use. So, at least, it can be hoped that this paper will give news ideas to the readers, for a possible competitive machine.

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